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The idea of owning a funeral home and serving families at-need began in the mind of Crystal Matthews shortly after the year, 2000, commenced.  After graduating from Tarboro High School, Crystal decided to pursue her passion.  She began her career as a Licensed Funeral Director at Hunter-Odom Funeral Service (Rocky Mount, North Carolina) in 2005.  During her tenure there, she was highly successful and served many families.  As time progressed, Crystal begin to consider a vision of her own: launching a funeral home.  

In 2014, she met Irv Glenn, II, a local pastor in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Pastor Glenn became one of Crystal’s biggest supporters in the funeral business as he recognized her passion for serving families.  In 2015, Crystal joined Greater Joy Church under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Shelton Daniel.  Bishop Daniel also recognized Crystal’s potential and offered to help Crystal launch her own funeral home establishment.  During the year, 2016, Bishop, Crystal, and Irv searched for a building in the Nash/Edgecombe communities.  Eventually, they located a building on Raleigh Boulevard, but the costs for renovation and repair were insurmountable.  While the thought of launching a new funeral home in Rocky Mount did not die, the search for a building turned cold.  

In 2016, Pastor Glenn was looking for a building for the youth at his church when he found 3240 Zebulon Road, Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  Pastor Glenn viewed the building, but did not think it would be feasible for a youth program.  Months later, Crystal stumbled across a funeral home (Heritage Oaks Funeral Service and Cremations) that was going out of business and the owner of the building had the property listed on the market to sell.  Irv agreed to meet Crystal at the building.  Irv asked for the address and Crystal responded "3240 Zebulon Road, Rocky Mount, North Carolina." The two and their interior decorator, JeVard, toured the property.  However, they all agreed that the timing was not right.  

The years change from 2016 to 2017 and Irv is ready to transform the funeral home from thought to reality.  Irv and Crystal had a heated, but productive conversation about launching out and being entrepreneurs.  In July of 2017 Crystal, Bishop, and Irv agreed once again to become business partners and to make this funeral home happen.  Amazingly, the property located at  3240 Zebulon Road, Rocky Mount, North Carolina was still available.   In September of 2017, the business trio: Crystal, Bishop, and Irv met and decided to obtain the property located on Zebulon Road.  The building was now the old Heritage Oaks Funeral Service and Cremations location.   As a team, Crystal, Bishop, and Irv would launch a new funeral home establishment.  Irv named the funeral home “Matthews Family Mortuary.”  Crystal established the slogan “Compassion, Dignity, and Excellence”  which would become the standards for how the funeral home operated.  Bishop pointed the two in the right direction with wise counsel. The group of three came together in agreement with a final plan and the necessary paperwork was filed with the Secretary of State of North Carolina. 

October 16, 2017, the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service inspected Matthews Family Mortuary and officially opened the funeral home for operation.  That same night, a new employee orientation/dinner was held at Greater Joy Church on Anderson Street.  In November 2017, Reverend Dr. James R. Davis, pastor of Bread of Life Christian Church and Community Center in Rocky Mount, North Carolina paid Crystal a visit.  He was looking for a funeral home to serve his family who were in need at the time.  His nephew, Bobby Peele, had passed.  After consulting with his wife, Pastor and Lady Davis gave us the opportunity to serve their family.  The Davis & Peele Family would become the first family to ever to be served by Matthews Family Mortuary.

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